Behind the music

Dmv Vocalist/singer/songwriter Amahni Philly came up in an uban upbringing (Baltimore), Now Residing in Atlanta.
First he is a singer so naturally he is inspired by soul/R&B; meanwhile developing a love of the Origins of hiphop as well as the origins of jazz, soul, and gospel. Which he felt came as a package in music. He received his first few features with local hiphop recording acts as well as mentoring other artist such as Independent hip/hop artist/songwriters FIN the Great and Quas da Goddess ( don’t get it wrong they drop jewels to him too!) just to name a few. Amahni Philly is in search for the heart of music; feeling that soul music can be found in all genres. As time progressed, he has since moved into other genres of music incorporating them in his music. He has since developed a collective “Indigo World’ alongside Fin the Great, which also features Quas da Goddess , Rey with more artists to come. 20210102_055634389_iOS

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